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PII 2012 – Brand Reputation: The Role of Privacy in Communication

I’m looking forward to moderating a panel at the Privacy Innovation Identity conference( PII 2012 ) next week. Join our panel on Tuesday the 15th to hear a great conversation and engage the experts. Brand Reputation: The Role of Privacy in Communications •    Moderator: Barry Hurd (Linkedin), Managing Director, Epiphany Metrics @BarryHurd •    Mary Ludloff […]

Social Business Job Descriptions suck…

Why read this? I’ve been doing competitive research on “digitally savvy” companies; one of our basic process points is to review job openings at each company to examine where talent acquisition and business growth is occurring. All I can really say is that my perception of most employers hiring social media and digital savvy personnel […]

6 obstacles that prevent social business ROI

If you are in a larger business, I hope this article gives insight to why there are certain broken processes at both the organizational and market level. It talks about the fundamental flaws that inhibit organizations from utilizing talent that can do amazing things for your organization. It can be a little bit like space […]