4 thoughts on “What is Hyper Media?”

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  2. so this still doesn’t exacty tell me what is meant by hypertext. For example, is it simply a webpage with links, a learning management system lesson?

  3. The word ‘hyper’ means that there is information linked to an item.

    In a common day usage the term hypertext is usually used when described a text link to another website.

    So in terms of ‘hypertext’ you can expect that the text is linked to another source of information. The additional information that is being linked to could be anything from a simple web page, a video/audio file, a document download, or any other type of information.

    The difference between hypermedia and hypertext is that hypermedia includes text,videos, audio, documents, and images, while hypertext only includes text.

  4. 1.Is there are types of Hypermedia? If yes,what are they? 2.Will you explain to us the over view of hypermedia design?

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