CMO, CTO, CISO, CINO? First and foremost: I am a digital accelerator.

From startups to internal corporate innovation projects, I work with organizations using data and emerging trends to strategically move the needle. I have served as a Fractional Chief Digital Officer providing insight to dozens of corporate and venture backed organizations (internal divisions, strategic partners, client bases, vendor networks.)

I have founded, managed and grown multiple technology-based communities ranging from digital innovation labs and corporate partner ecosystems to cyber security breach teams and social media evangelists. I’ve been in the ‘startup scene’ for over 20 years working from seed round accelerators to M&A due-diligence for the F500. I’ve organized real world and digital events coaching hundreds of venture backed startups, coordinating an innovation community with over 40,000 members and co-founded one of the largest digital media clubs in the world.

My main focus typically targets partner growth, partner evangelism, technology integration, competitive intelligence, digital acquisition, cloud strategy, market research, and vendor network analysis programs. My responsibilities often deal with multiple partners handling specialty scenarios in industry niches behind closed doors, requiring me to discover and engage new solutions for emerging problems.

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