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My name is Barry Hurd.

Until recently you’ve probably never given a great deal of thought to what I do professionally. 

I work with data or more precisely, I work in a world created by your life that you can’t see.

In my professional realm, I am entrusted with the vast expanse of data that permeates our lives. It emanates from an astonishing array of sources, often surpassing the limits of our imagination. It covers everything from personal records documenting our existence to the intricacies of web behaviors, from the secrets embedded in mobile handsets to the intelligent minds of futuristic cars, and even from the wearables adorning our bodies to the far-reaching travels of satellites in the celestial expanse.

I delve deep into the interconnected streams of data, extracting meaning, and weaving together narratives that unlock the hidden gems of insight and potential. This is a calling that extends beyond the boundaries of the ordinary, embracing the extraordinary of navigating uncharted frontiers of data.

I would like to invite you to join me as we embark on a quest to understand the mysteries, unveil the possibilities, and harness the transformative power that resides within this vast sea of information. 

I’ve written thousands of pages detailing digital innovation and audience understanding.

Most of my work is now the property of various VC funded startups, F500 innovation projects, and various industry leaders. 

Below is a small collection of public works.

(for cyber security or specific industry items, please reach out.)

13 Considerations for AI

Before you role out artificial intelligence to your business take the time to consider these 13 areas covering hundreds of questions.

Audience Intelligence

This paper walks through examples of how different digital signals can be used to identify key audiences, personas, ideal customer profiles, or persons of interest.

Fake News & Generative AI

Educate yourself on the fundamental problems created by the explosion of fake news and disruptive content with tips for protecting your family and peers.

OSINT & Connected Data

Open-source intelligence explores the limitless relationships created by data about people, places, things, events, and trends.

AI Bias with the Seahawks

AI Generated content can easily go off-the-rails based on just one wrong word or classification that introduces purposely manipulation or unknown bias.

Ecosystem Analysis

Explore how we helped break down the Adobe ecosystem of digital influencers, key opinion leaders, and market partners.

Other articles and insights

  1. What is a disruptive CDO? A disruptive CDO is a Chief Digital Officer who not only drives digital transformation but also challenges the status quo, pushes for innovation, and disrupts traditional business models to drive growth and competitive advantage.

  2. What are the key characteristics of a disruptive CDO? Key characteristics of a disruptive CDO include visionary leadership, technological savvy, change management skills, and a customer-centric approach.

  3. What role do disruptive CDOs play in digital transformation? Disruptive CDOs play a crucial role in driving digital transformation. They drive innovation, overcome resistance to change, and leverage digital technologies to transform the business.

  4. What is the future of disruptive CDOs? As digital technologies continue to evolve, the role of the disruptive CDO is likely to become increasingly important. They will need to stay ahead of the curve, identifying and leveraging new technologies to drive ongoing digital transformation.

  5. What impact can a disruptive CDO have on a business? The impact of a disruptive CDO can be profound. They can accelerate digital transformation, foster a culture of innovation, and drive significant improvements in customer experience and business performance.