Audience Intelligence & Content Signals

As a thought leader who introduced thousands of professionals to a variety of social media strategies before it was even called ‘social media’ I have always been frustrated by peers and company executives adopting severe tunnel vision based upon reading some garbage marketing whitepaper or enthralled by a bad vision claiming amazing business impacts. The …

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]If anyone had any questions, Google is *still* on a mission to squash reputation management firms that use questionable solutions that violate Google’s policies. Plenty of smaller reputation management firms have been targeted by Google in the past, but Google had upped the ante by completely removing “industry leaders” and from search … & Blacklisted by Google – $70M+ Risk Read More »

Why would Google Blacklist and

This is PART II : and Blacklist by Google.  Google definitely had plenty to consider when it came to giving and a penalty. and have various different issues, but the general issue is that both organizations are competing head-to-head with Google’s SEO team and they are constantly pushing the …

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Competitive Intelligence and Online Privacy, NSA Leaks from Edward Snowden

In preparation for attending the Privacy Identify Innovation conference here in Seattle with peers, my recent conversations have been around the  kind of data that Edward Snowden and related NSA leaks stirred up. These conversations live in another dimension almost as spooky as the Twilight Zone. While the NSA is in the center of this …

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