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Why would Google Blacklist Reputation.com and Brand.com?

This is PART II : Reputation.com and Brand.com Blacklist by Google.  Google definitely had plenty to consider when it came to giving Reputation.com and Brand.com a penalty. Reputation.com and Brand.com have various different issues, but the general issue is that both organizations are competing head-to-head with Google’s SEO team and they are constantly pushing the […]

Big Data Analytics – 5 ideas to consider

As someone who drives complex ideas through and around dozens of roadblocks, I am often reminded that one of the best ways to help people is simply to highlight the right resources that will eventually transform into knowledge and wisdom. In one of the most complex areas of my endeavors is the current ‘seizure’ mentality […]

Competitive Research Tools & Tips

Competitive research isn’t just for major corporations There are hundreds of competitive research tools out there that provide *FREE* insight to what you should be doing as a business. This article is going to go through a few of my favorite free tools. If you have any questions about how to apply them, please make […]