9 Problems with Marketing Automation Tools

The realizations of how marketing automation tools have changed the perception of the marketing role is very interesting and often becomes hidden by glossy marketing campaigns.

As part of a research project that took many months of work I have narrowed down on several core problems that seem to be eating away at the digital economy in the guise of ‘marketing automation’

This is an on-going analysis of dozens of marketing automation tools that include interviewing end users, studying how they work, and the type of client footprint each tool has.
(If you would like to participate, please leave a comment below or contact me.)

It is based around the fundamental reasons
why someone selected a specific marketing automation tool.

The tools are often selected based on a simple need: drive awareness about a product or service into a conversion funnel that delivers qualified leads, increase profit margins, and on-going growth for the business. Read more

Google Bombing, thousands suffer in silence



a term that search engine practitioners use to describe an aggressive campaign
against a site that is intended to reduce it’s ability to rank for key terms in
search engines and potentially have it blacklisted from Google so that it
doesn’t show up in results

 Why talk about Google Bombs?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the world of Google has a very dark side.

I’m going to dive into one of the biggest areas of denial and detail one of the fundamental problems occurring today. It has earned new popularity and similar techniques are now being applied to other forms of online marketing, social media initiatives, and even political campaigns. Read more