Competitive Intelligence Analysis – Keyword Structure

Different audiences have variations in how they discover information through search keywords. The method and sophistication of a search phrase can infer qualities such as consumer knowledge or geographic region.

The keyword structure also represents one of the cornerstones to understanding an interconnected knowledge graph consisting of everything that can be aggregated, identified, segmented, and analyzed.

Example: Microsoft Power BI

As a keyword ‘Power BI’ has over 125k searches a month in the United States (1M+ globally.) It is included in over 50,000 search phrases, over 5,000 different questions, and relates to hundreds of other Microsoft related topics.

Scale & Segmenting

The core of using keyword data to produce actionable results is to have functional goals that can be used to view the data through a strategic lens.

While having functional goals helps to extract value from keyword intelligence, it is also necessary to apply critical thinking skills to surface areas of value that you didn’t have knowledge of.

Example search phrases applied to common funnel segments

  • Interested consumer: ‘What is the best business intelligence tool?’
  • Prospect in pipeline: ‘Microsoft Power BI reviews’
  • New customer: ‘Add custom charts in Power BI’
  • Higher value customer: ‘Power BI annual subscription’
  • Enterprise customer: ‘Microsoft Power BI on premise’
  • Disgruntled customer: ‘Power BI customer support’

Example Keyword Classifiers applied to funnel segments

The following Question, Preposition, Comparison, Related, and Alphabetical breakdown of the 50,000 keyword phrases with Power BI help us to understand where clusters of these keywords congregate for different customer funnel segments. This type of data could be utilized to deploy specific advertising and content campaigns that address very tactical B2B audiences.

Basic traffic snapshot

In addition to keywords representing actual content, they also represent volume of traffic coming and going from other sites. By understanding that a key website has a majority of the Power BI related traffic.

In this case forwards to a sub-domain over @ We may want to compare traffic sources for some of the other market competitors such as Tableau, Sisense, and DOMO.