Audience Targeting

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Partner Outreach through Comprehensive Audience Analysis

In the world of communications and project planning, audience analysis holds the key to effective and impactful messaging. Understanding the people who will receive your communications is critical for successful outreach. In this article, we will explore the ten-step process for conducting an audience analysis, enabling you to connect with your target audience effectively and […]

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Competitive Intelligence Analysis – Keyword Structure

Different audiences have variations in how they discover information through search keywords. The method and sophistication of a search phrase can infer qualities such as consumer knowledge or geographic region. The keyword structure also represents one of the cornerstones to understanding an interconnected knowledge graph consisting of everything that can be aggregated, identified, segmented, and

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Market Network Analysis (MNA)

Market Network Analysis provides a strategic view of industry trends affecting a number of technology driven business decisions ranging from vendor sophistication, talent acquisition, cyber security readiness, market share growth and innovation disruption. Industry experts integrate tested data, trending news, technology signals, community discussion and industry leading topics to highlight ‘the devil in the details.’

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