Google Bombing, thousands suffer in silence



a term that search engine practitioners use to describe an aggressive campaign
against a site that is intended to reduce it’s ability to rank for key terms in
search engines and potentially have it blacklisted from Google so that it
doesn’t show up in results

 Why talk about Google Bombs?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the world of Google has a very dark side.

I’m going to dive into one of the biggest areas of denial and detail one of the fundamental problems occurring today. It has earned new popularity and similar techniques are now being applied to other forms of online marketing, social media initiatives, and even political campaigns. Read more

Competitive Intelligence and social media security

Last week I had the opportunity to co-present the topic of competitive intelligence, social media security and corporate policy at SecureWorld with Lewis McMurran –  VP of Government and External Affairs at the Washington Technology Industry Association ( @lewismcmurran )

Attendees packed into the room and left standing room only. Unlike my other workshops on social media, SecureWorld is attended by IT and data professionals. While the rest of the world is thinking about how useful Facebook or Twitter may be, these people are thinking about triple layer security protocols, redundant fail safe deployment, variable secure socket encryption, and struggle with one simple fact: user training. Read more


Reputation Management from the Muppets Point of View

There are a lot of different ways to look at online reputation management. As a trend, the topic (some would say crisis) of reputation management is going through some really interesting transitions.

I have been writing about the topic of online reputation for almost a decade, ranging from offering professional domain names to ceo reputation issues that lead to failure. A recent point of interest is that mass media (notoriously years behind most technical trends) is quickly adopting a message on the urgency of how the digital world and social conversation affects both corporate reputation and personal brand. An example of mass media hitting the “trend button” can be seen on sites like Cosmopolitan writing about it.

Needless to say: the topic of reputation management is trending upward Read more