Influencer Analysis

Identifying Influencers with Social Network Analysis 0 inShare Rob Parkin– April 8, 2014 Part 1 of our Network Analysis for Market Research series by Rob Parkin – read the introduction here. Introduction In our work as social media researchers we are regularly answering clients’ questions about online influence and influencers. They know that they’re not …

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Custom Facebook Targeting

At the end of January, Facebook announced the global rollout of Custom Audiences, an ad targeting and retargeting solution it began testing in October. Custom Audiences allows marketers to retarget Facebook users who earlier visited their websites or mobile apps, as well as combine first-party data such as customer emails, purchase data, and CRM data with Facebook’s own …

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Why companies like Groupon, Yelp, and Reachlocal are destroying local.

The local newspaper and the yellow pages have been slowly dying for more than a decade, leaving small businesses and merchants few options for local advertising. In its place, Internet companies like Groupon GRPN -0.58%, Yelp YELP -0.87%, andReachLocal RLOC -0.51% arrived on the scene to reinvent local advertising online – but none has proved to be a digital nirvana for local businesses, because …

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The truth about ReachLocal

http://www.forbes.com/sites/groupthink/2013/03/14/why-companies-like-groupon-yelp-and-reachlocal-arent-dominating-the-local-space/   http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/reachlocal/reviews.html   http://www.jm-seo.org/wordpress/2011/11/07/reachlocal-reviews-is-the-fox-guarding-the-hen-house/ webmaster forumu

Seattle Coworking Spaces

PhotoNameAddressNeighborhoodCitySpacesRates WeWork – South Lake … 500 Yale Ave N SLU Seattle Labs Desk Private office… Private office… Private office… Private office… $300 /mo $550 /mo $1,100 /mo $1,350 /mo $2,000 /mo Impact Hub 220 2nd Ave S Pioneer Square Seattle Complete Full Time Full Time w/ F… Part Time Complete Desk … $395 /mo $345 /mo $425 /mo $225 /mo $475 /mo Thinkspace 936 …

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Target Audiences

An audience analysis is conducted in the initial planning phase of a project and it helps us define who we want to reach with our communications. It’s pretty simple and almost obvious, right? Well, this is the problem. People often make a mistake when they underestimate the importance of this analysis. See, in order to …

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11 VC risks

Though the industry is called venture capital, the goal of a VC isn’t to maximize every risk. Instead, we try to understand all the risks a business might face and weigh those risks with the reward – the exit. Here are the major risks that I typically review when a startup pitches. Market timing risk – …

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