Reputation Management from the Muppets Point of View

There are a lot of different ways to look at online reputation management. As a trend, the topic (some would say crisis) of reputation management is going through some really interesting transitions.

I have been writing about the topic of online reputation for almost a decade, ranging from offering professional domain names to ceo reputation issues that lead to failure. A recent point of interest is that mass media (notoriously years behind most technical trends) is quickly adopting a message on the urgency of how the digital world and social conversation affects both corporate reputation and personal brand. An example of mass media hitting the “trend button” can be seen on sites like Cosmopolitan writing about it.

Needless to say: the topic of reputation management is trending upward at a strong rate. Looking at Google’s perspective on the term “online reputation” we can see a continuing surge in online reputation as a topic that will be continuing into 2011. The reputation management map below helps us ask the question of

To review a more comical viewpoint, the Muppet show decided to have a reputation management / digital fiasco featuring Beaker being the target of internet trolls attacking his talent. When you see hand puppets highlighting reputation and social media issues… perhaps the industry is finally reaching critical mass.

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