Selling a domain name, my basic tips

I have bought and sold domains for years. It is a fun personal hobby of tracking a unique “digital stock”

A friend has a domain name that has value and recently received a fairly anonymous request to sell it.

That is great… but he doesn’t want to lose his shirt and find out that he sold the next for $100. He also doesn’t want break the bank.

Using some basic ideas around contingency and on-going revenue contracts, there are several ways to move forward. Read more

Media Influence, the Elements of Media

The Elements of Media

Once we think about traditional, digital and mobile segments, we then have to think about the elements that are causing these segments to evolve and find adoption. The first three types of media (land, sea, and air), combine with the affects of social and hyper media (weather and time.)

Within the concept of “weather and time” , we have unique experiences that often present themselves as incredibly complex.

Yet as complex as this all sounds, keep in mind how simple humans really are when it comes to making our choices:

  • We look for a simple way to get things done.
  • We often push buttons out of curiosity.
  • We seek constant encouragement and motivation.
  • We usually select things based on want, not need.
  • We hunt for areas of personal reward.
  • We try to help the people we know. Read more

Marchex, love em or hate em?

As many of my readers and professional contacts know, I’m a stickler for ethics and a big supporter of entrepreneurial ideas (both locally and globally.) I also have a pretty intensive background in using new ideas in the recruiting space… and yet I’m going to step out on a limb and stir the pot a little.

A little background story: Several of my professional contacts are out of work and have asked me to for professional insight and assistance landing a good home. In this personal venture I turned to various job tools ranging from recruiter blogs, twitter headhunters, and the traditional job board.  In my exploration I wandered across a new recruiting pitch from Marchex that I hadn’t seen before.  Read more

EVENT: BuzzRE Portland – technology for the real estate industry – June 3rd

If you are a real estate professional in the Washington / Oregon area, I encourage you to take a day trip to Portland and join me at BuzzRE on June 3rd. This event is a huge steal for anyone in this niche, as a few of the professionals I will be presenting with have some amazing insight to different sections of the “real estate puzzle” and this is the chance to hear it all in one spot.

I will be presenting on the niche of real estate brand and reputation, discussing tactics and strategies for defending professional “real estate” that relates to your business, along with proven methods of driving more business using reputation assets.

BuzzRE includes a variety of other talented speakers that include:

Jeff Turner: Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned business executive of 20 plus years. In addition to his role as President at Zeek Interactive, Jeff is the founder and creative force behind Real Estate Shows and widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on social media marketing strategy and execution, and a sought after conference speaker on topics related to emerging technologies.

Dustin Luther: Through Strategies, Dustin helps real estate companies develop internet marketing strategies to better reach their audiences. Ever since he launched one of the first real estate blogs, Rain City Guide, nearly five years ago, he’s been a prominent voice in educating real estate professionals on how to improve their online marketing having been a featured speaker at countless national and local events.

Joel Burslem:  Joel was the founder of the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog which was acquired by Inman News in 2007. Named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate bloggers in 2007 and 2008, Joel regularly speaks about technology and real estate marketing to audiences across the nation and he is frequently called upon to comment on these subjects by mainstream media like New York Times, BusinessWeek, International Herald Tribune and the Wall Street Journal.