Online Reputation

Corporate reputation, why little words matter.

A little story with several points: I was browsing through recent changes to Facebook today, exploring some of the ways a user can track and consolidate information about a network. While researching this topic, I saw that Hanson Hosein (the Director of UW’s Masters in Digital Communications group @hrhmedia) had “liked” the new Edelman Trust …

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Social Media Recruiting with the Wall Street Journal

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to share my expertise with a group of financial executives on a webinar that was hosted by the Wall Street Journal. If you have twenty minutes and would like to expand your thinking about how enterprise business can use social media (and be actionable, results oriented) then …

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Recent thoughts on Executive Reputation

In the past month (aka last five years), I have been writing a bit about online reputation. We are finally seeing a critical mass of adoption happening where more traditional business users are connecting with opportunities and risk associated with executive reputation. An example from last month was when I co-sponsored and presented a webinar …

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Online reputation score or credit fiasco?

To open up this conversation, I am going to lead with this statement: The ability to control your information and know how it is created, collected, sold, and profited from is a critical factor in today’s technology marketplace. It plays a very important role for the general audience who do not understand the value of personal information and how it has the ability to define not only who you are today, but also the opportunity that you have access to in the future. *The same basic rules apply to business credit and business reputation, but for purposes of this article we will focus on personal impact.