Recent thoughts on Executive Reputation

In the past month (aka last five years), I have been writing a bit about online reputation. We are finally seeing a critical mass of adoption happening where more traditional business users are connecting with opportunities and risk associated with executive reputation. An example from last month was when I co-sponsored and presented a webinar with the Wall Street Journal on the topic of social media recruiting, April’s WSJ webinar will be more focused on the topic of recruiting and digital reputation/brand.

Here are four of my articles from the past month on

  • Google Loves Your Network, so should you – You have spent years developing a strong personal network… yet over the past few years you’ve been letting someone care for it more than you do.
  • CEO Reputation, how to lead or fail online – Many top executives experience both love and hate of the promotional affect of the web, however CEO reputation in the digital space interacts with dozens of new elements including investor relations, customer service, stock prices, perception of liability, and more.
  • Reputation Insurance , why it makes sense – Like any asset, there are hundreds of unforeseen risks that are associated with online reputation. A common viewpoint shared by many business executives is that they don’t know how to gauge how virtually explosive different aspects of their business model are. If you don’t know what smoke is, you probably can’t justify cost of fire insurance.
  • Hotel Reputations, search brand value under attack – The hotel and travel industry is suffering from one of the most aggressive issues of online brand and reputation attack, which is rooted firmly around the value of hotel brands and search phrases.

I already have another dozen articles written for April and May on this topic… so the next ninety days should be an interesting period as some of my writings are a little bit predictive in nature.