Join me @ DEMO 2010!

A lot of folk forget how synergy really works, sometimes it is often a bit serendipitous.

As part of “right place, right time, right connections” I’ll be heading to Palm Springs on Saturday night to lead up the social media and technology team for is a fairly niche component of the startup world: what do you get when you take 100+ entrepreneurs, a few hundred investors, a gathering of industry journalists and launch dozens of new companies to the world in two days.

It is a rush.

You have so many incredibly bright people involved in so many ways, it is an honor to be involved with working on the project and seeing some incredibly imaginative businesses launch.

Our team will be there (headed up by @TimReha and myself ) making sure all the launching companies have access to last minute expertise and get the best launch experience they can. Join in on the conversation with me via @barryhurd and @demotweets

If you happen to be attending, please make sure to introduce yourself!

I’m baffled, that doesn’t happen very often.

This is a personal insight post, with little connection to my normal topics. If you feel like reading it to gain a better perspective on my thought process or care to engage in conversation, feel free.  I apologize if the specifics of the situation are vague, but due to confidentiality and relationships I don’t have the luxury of disclosing the problem at this time.

Today I shot coffee out my nose. I wanted to laugh, but it was too painful.

In dealing with executive teams, I give expert level insight to both tactical and strategic questions. I am also usually one of the handful of voices that has the character and professional understanding to ask the really hard questions or the questions that no one knows.

Don’t get me wrong. I am the nicest guy.
I can be casual and personable, but I can also be a hatchet man (disclaimer, I am a Gemini.) Read more