Facebook DevOps Groups

In this article, I’m going to tell you where you can find some #DevOps folks and give you some great lists to start your project. Depending on your project, you can find new influencers, discover new talent, develop new product strategies, or integrate into your marketing funnel. 

Through-out the process you should be thinking about ‘how does this integrate into my business and what does this data connect to?’

Even though I am presenting thousands of rows of data here that represent millions of individuals, each and every person, group, organization, keyword, topic, hashtag, location, skill,  website, and social profile is connected to dozens of other data points that are relevant, sometimes obvious, and sometimes priceless.

Exploring the social stream
As communities engage with different topical trends there are a number of #hashtag segments that sit on top of the #DevOps conversation. You can use these conversational segments on a number of platforms to begin your adventure.

Facebook DevOps Groups
There are over 100 Facebook DevOps Groups that have at least 1,000 members. These groups grew by 6,853 member in a month and produced 40,753 group posts. If you are looking to hire new talent, development market intelligence, or understand important community trends it is critical that you join, understand, and properly engage these audiences. 

  • How does our team engage these communities?
  • Are we aware of the conversation? 
  • Do we have relationships with key opinion leaders?
  • What topics are meaningful for our organizational risks & opportunities?

#DevOps on Twitter
The Top 100 #DevOps profiles on Twitter have a combined audience reach of 2,845,149 users. The @Gitlab account alone has made 38,798 tweets since is was created in 2011 (over 3,000 tweets a year!)    *Hint – use the ‘filter’ or ‘group by’ function on the Location field to find #DevOps professionals in your target markets. 

  • Can we react to important market shifts?
  • Who is providing the best market insight?
  • What thought leader is impacting important conversations?
  • Can we solve problems our customers and community are talking about?

Keywords on Google
As a singular word ‘DevOps’ drives 50K searches a month and is connected to over 65K variations, 4.5K questions, and an additional 1K keyword segments. The 65K variations drive nearly 1M searches and the 4.5K questions another 72K. The sheet below drills down into the “DevOps Jobs” segment where there are still over 2,400 keywords driving 27K searches.  

  • Do I have relevant brand exposure?
  • How do we engage this audience?
  • Can we provide the best answers for the top questions?
  • Does our content type match what Google wants to show?

I hope my walk through on some foundational data helped you.
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If you have questions about the data, want to do something innovative, or explore how this affects your business – reach out and drop me a note.