Every month our data team is using a mixture of tools to index and discover millions of sources covering a variety of industry and innovation categories. Our automated tools parse millions of data points and use machine learning to append missing information, score articles by interest, and filter low quality content.

Then our expert analysts and industry veterans review initial results, apply on-going algorithm changes, and select best performing resources. Over time each topic, domain, author, and URL is graded based upon consistency of quality, overall topic focus, and on-going validation by community interactions and expert subject matter grading.

A short list of data we consider (not inclusive of all data points)

  • Source Entity
  • ¬†Author
  • Relevance
  • Topical Focus
  • Language
  • Domain Network
  • Search Volume
  • Global Volume
  • Regional Volume
  • Market Share
  • Time to Read
  • Word Count
  • Time on Site
  • Link Analysis
  • Social Sharing
  • Expert Validation
  • Content Originality
  • Trend Leadership


Our combined dataset includes over two hundred key anchor points that allow us to research thousands of data connections.