Training Topics

As social media continually shifts, the team at 123 Social Media has been working on a variety of distinct social media training topics that cover a variety of business issues. In addition to my own presentations and training areas of specialty, I’m proud to say our team has some truly exceptional expertise.

If you are aware of a business in your network that requires expert guidance on social media training or social media policy work across the organization, please contact us.

All our social media training courses are built upon a flexible, client controlled model that can be adapted to address specific business needs. We work with our clients to make sure that our delivery method (online, off line, in-person), experience level (basic, intermediate, expert), and audience approach (presentation, team, individual) are on target.

Social Media Training Segments

Facebook Training – Facebook is the largest social platform on the web, creating a massive channel of word of mouth opportunity and redefining how businesses function competitively. As a social media platform it is unique in having wide scale adoption across hundreds of thousands of sites, as well as being an integrated systems partner for all ranges of businesses.

Youtube Training – YouTube is one of the largest search traffic providers online and is the #1 video portal. Every minute 24 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube. This massive amount of video content creates a unique marketplace for businesses to leverage.

Twitter Training – Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging community in the world. Conversations and news stories often originate from Twitter, while millions of Twitter users use login credentials to share and syndicate content on a variety of 3rd party sites.

Reputation Training – Reputation management is an explosive trend. Consumers, prospects, employees, investors, and journalist all turn to online media channels to research brands and individuals online.

SEO Training – Ranking in search engines for the correct phrases is the top method of driving web traffic to your brand. In many cases, search engine exposure and proper management can be the different between a thriving company or a bankruptcy filing.

Competitive Intelligence Training – The web has given untold levels of information spread across thousands of sources. If you know the right place to look and what question to ask, you can utilize market information to shorten your education and maximize your efficiency.

Executive Training – It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that busy executives don’t have the time to learn thousands of different tools and trends. This problem is compounded by the fact that almost every employee within a company knows some niche tool or that every competitor is trying new options

Policy Training – As the size of any organization grows, the number of people interacting with digital trends increases as well. This creates a tidal wave of human resources, information technology, investor / public relations, and regulatory/compliance hurdles.

Agency Training – Public relations, marketing, financial, and venture capital firms are often working with a variety of ‘portfolio’ companies that can leverage common sources of information and minimize costs across the entire client group.

Example Social Media Topics

123 Social Media has presented a wide range of topics at beginner, intermediate, and expert levels. You can review a variety of sample topics covering B2B social media and Online Reputation here.