No Broken Bones with Competitive Intelligence

When the web emerged decades ago, few of us would have realized the sheer volume of information that we would digitally create, share, cultivate, and engage with.

I’m going to tell you how five basic problems demand the need for acting smarter and give some pointers for fixing these basic problems by wrapping them into the way you think about competitive intelligence.


I’m going to do it with a sports metaphor Read more

Employee Social Media, three hurdles to overcome

You want to take advantage of all the new forms of employee social media. You want your staff to be motivated to create results that work for you.
But first you have to overcome a few internal challenges… the main problems of employee social media are not centered around the platforms or the technology, but the motivation and education of the employee base.

Employee Social Media ITEM #1

Your communications policy.
To be clear, this is not the policy your company has had for the past five years. Read more

Media Influence, the Elements of Media

The Elements of Media

Once we think about traditional, digital and mobile segments, we then have to think about the elements that are causing these segments to evolve and find adoption. The first three types of media (land, sea, and air), combine with the affects of social and hyper media (weather and time.)

Within the concept of “weather and time” , we have unique experiences that often present themselves as incredibly complex.

Yet as complex as this all sounds, keep in mind how simple humans really are when it comes to making our choices:

  • We look for a simple way to get things done.
  • We often push buttons out of curiosity.
  • We seek constant encouragement and motivation.
  • We usually select things based on want, not need.
  • We hunt for areas of personal reward.
  • We try to help the people we know. Read more