Social Media Privacy and Data Concerns

Social Media privacy isn’t free. It is one of the most costly and expensive things we have ever had the opportunity to mindlessly give away.

As a social whole, we are ignorant of what social media is worth. The friendly buzz about people we know has obscured the fact that social media privacy protections for the general web audience has been lost in our daily chatter.

The problem is fundamental to the business model of online greed: social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have forced themselves into a critical business requirement to monetize your data. This monetization occurs through the sale of advertising. These advertising budgets have historically been major financial forces and the effectiveness of data collection with social media has lined many business coffers. Read more

Online Privacy, Reputation and Identity

The topic of online privacy and how you are represented by digital information has been accelerating over the past few years. In the past six months we have seen a sudden increase in speed as companies on all sides struggle to compete for consumer dollars.

This can be seen in a variety of instances, but mainly in the amount of news coverage it is receiving. Knowing how to identify individuals through online data footprints and having the insight into how they behaviorally act on social networking sites begins looking more and more like Pandora’s Box. You can read about my previous thoughts on reputation management and online privacy or delve into the facts of how online background checks are mixtures of digital espionage and public information.

The sad part of this story is that this business has been around for years… and there are many more invasive technologies being created and utilized by digital companies than you can shake a stick at.

The recent investigative report by the Wall Street Journal on “What They Know” Read more

Reputation Management, privacy start-ups getting investment

Two weeks ago the Wall Street Journal briefly covered the fact that reputation management and privacy oriented start-ups are beginning to see investment turn-around. I’ve posted the video below for educational purposes.

From my perspective the interesting issue is that there are companies out there “ruining” reputation in the name reputation management, yet individuals using the service and investors of these firms have no idea what the long term personal, business, legal, moral, or ethical ramifications will be. Our digital identity is being cultivated, harvested, and stolen without even thinking about it.

Yet the regulation in this space is completely non-existent. Read more