What is Transmedia?


What is Transmedia?

Transmedia is simply a form of storytelling where multiple platforms tie together to tell a common story.

A pop-culture and historical example includes television series such as Heroes; where a comic, action figure, web series, and television show all intertwined to tell different portions of the same story. Another good example of transmedia in action includes franchises like Microsofts HALO series where different segments of the story have been shared through console games, action figures, comic books, and feature novels. Read more

Different Media Types, creating a guide and map

In presenting this topic with many groups and having many conversations with leading industry peers, I have detailed hundreds of different shifts in how we communicate. We are now in the age of instant information gratification where we search for information within our personal and professional networks, seeking to find the singular source of credible and sound business advice. Simply said: we want better and more accurate information faster.

The unfortunate and sad thing is that social media adoption and user generated content has broken our previous utilization of media (if not the way we communicate as both individuals and groups entirely), we are simply finding our traditional models of communication suffering from an insane amount of irregular and unsupported information that creates digital noise.

Our biggest challenge is that few of us know how to sift through this noise.

Ultimately our lives have come to a crisis point: we strive to learn in a classroom that looks more like a playground for toddlers: everyone is talking, too many people vying for attention but having nothing to say, and the one conversation we are interested in learning from is muffled by the roar of commotion.

As we connect this crisis with our understanding of how media and communication historically worked, we have to redefine how we choose to relay our messages today. Read more