What is a QR code?

Little white ‘data cube labels’ are appearing everywhere.

The problem is that few people really know what they really are, how to use them, why they would use them, or what types of business applications they have.

So what is a QR code?

what is a qr code

In a nutshell, QR stands for “Quick Response” – it is a two dimensional square barcode that can be read by a variety of devices (camera phones, digital readers, etc)

A big advantage of the QR code compared to a regular barcode is that it can stores hundreds of digits worth of information, which allows it to provide website addresses or full contact information. Read more

Social Media Speaker, 4 Tools for presenting

In support of friends, peers, and professionals that I know coordinating Social Media Speaker and Social Media Club Seattle, I wanted to share some of the tools and tips in my bag of tricks for not only delivering presentations with a little technical flavor, but also getting people to attend!

Before getting too “geeky” for everyone, keep in mind that presentations are meant to be educational, informative, entertaining, and insightful. Being a good social media speaker also requires a little bit of audience engagement, a few points of character, and a little bit of influencer analysis.

Don’t get bogged down by losing your audience
with too many flashy tools Read more

Finding People with Trade Show Social Media

Having been using tradeshow social media for the past few years, I wanted to expand my Post Tradeshow Checklist 401 and detail some of my thoughts.

I have to lead this with the idea that people and businesses follow some of the same rules in both the online world and real world.

If we apply search engine ideas to the real world, how people and conversations identify themselves, we can see some interesting connection points. This concept is a fundamental requirement in applying tactical use of tradeshow social media. Each type of person uses different terminology (keywords) to speak, every business has a different product pitch (the excerpt), and the primary goal of most attendees is the find the nugget of wisdom in the clutter (the search.)

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Understanding information spikes around live events

One of my personal / professional projects over the past year has included analysis of dozens of large in-person events. They have ranged in size and scope, but a short list of the events being monitored includes:

  • Social Media Club Seattle (150 to 300 person events, held monthly)
  • Display Week Seattle (5,000+ attendees)
  • DEMO (500 to 1000 attendees, held twice each year)
  • Seattle Chamber Tradeshow (5000+ attendees)

Having monitored these events online and in-person, there was a basic and simple theory I was working with: that attendee attention span and information spikes were ultimately at odds with each other. Read more