No Broken Bones with Competitive Intelligence

When the web emerged decades ago, few of us would have realized the sheer volume of information that we would digitally create, share, cultivate, and engage with.

I’m going to tell you how five basic problems demand the need for acting smarter and give some pointers for fixing these basic problems by wrapping them into the way you think about competitive intelligence.


I’m going to do it with a sports metaphor Read more

Social Media Training – SEO Site Structure and HUB methodology

One of the most common questions I get from both beginning and mid-level SEO’s professionals is how to create a valid SEO site structure. This is a critical portion of understanding how SEO works within the topic of social media integration. As you develop a web presence and a strategy, keep in mind how these things work together to form a stronger result.
  • The core components of an SEO site structure require you to have a basic understanding of what your long term goals are for 1st and 2nd tier keywords you are trying to rank for.
  • Without an understanding of what keywords we are trying to focus on, this entire exercise has no possibility of functioning.
  • We also have to realize that SEO is no longer focused on just one site, but a series of brand properties that are related to our business. These brand properties may include our web site, micro sites, social networking profiles, online videos, press releases, and partner sites. Read more


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