What is Transmedia?


What is Transmedia?

Transmedia is simply a form of storytelling where multiple platforms tie together to tell a common story.

A pop-culture and historical example includes television series such as Heroes; where a comic, action figure, web series, and television show all intertwined to tell different portions of the same story. Another good example of transmedia in action includes franchises like Microsofts HALO series where different segments of the story have been shared through console games, action figures, comic books, and feature novels. Read more

Competitive Intelligence with Social Media Monitoring

How do you turn social media data into a business tool?
Listen to the data with focused and tactical opportunity on your mind.

The reality of the social media adoption trend is that relationship information has shifted; the past few decades had given us the  luxury of forming relationships on a personally managed level.

That isn’t a 100% true anymore.

Ten years ago it was pretty difficult for an outsider to know who was in a circle of friends. A private investigator could have researched where I was and who I met on a daily basis, but the act of knowing who was in my social circle took a tremendous amount of effort to discover, track, and visualize.

Skip ahead to today’s current social experiment and a majority of us  have ‘opted in’ to sharing our social connections. In many cases the act of using tools like Google and Facebook have opened up a Pandora’s box of social data that very few of us understand.

Data researchers like myself can sit down at a keyboard with some advanced computer scripts and draw a picture of an individual, community, or marketplace in a fraction of the time it would have taken ten years ago.


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Social Media Policy ‘How To’ Collection

Over at 123 Social Media I’ve been sharing a good number of strategies and ideas for defining how an organization manages a social media policy that is not only effective, but motivational for the culture of your team.

If you need help with creating a social media training or policy framework, drop me a line.

I’d be happy to detail a few effective ways for using social media to get business results (not just marketing, business impact items like competitive intelligence  and influencer analysis.)

In the meantime, here are some of my ideas on
getting your social media policy tuned up. Read more

Social Media Infographics – The Growth of Social

Having been in the social media business long before there was a ‘social media business’ – I’m always intrigued to see the massive growth that new communication technologies have.

The most ‘skeptical’ part of my brain always thinks of the thousands of useful tools and services that were left to die: never properly understood or simply failing to have a revenue model could be sustained.

Of all of those services, a few like Facebook and Twitter have thrived.
Services like Flickr and YouTube are alive and strong.

What will the future hold? Read more