Online Competitive Intelligence – Using Twitter to Find Competitor’s Clients

If you want a helpful tip on proving social media ROI and developing a business model with online competitive intelligence, keep reading!

This article is going to detail a fundamental insight to using Twitter analysis to create sets of priceless data that can be used for marketing, sales, product development, and future strategy. Read more

Social Media has no ROI, the same is true of cars.

A lot of professionals are trying to understand social media… the benefits, pitfalls, investment, and results. People want to know they are doing it right and they HATE doing it wrong.

Here are two different case examples from this month to put the problem into perspective. Read more

5 videos to evolve with

A lot has changed in the past few years. If you need a crash course in educational videos and statistics about the evolution of communication using social media: the following five videos are guaranteed to have at least a few facts and concepts that make you think.

I recommend sitting down and watching all of these from top to bottom, as three of the videos are part of a series (Do You Know 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) that came from 2007. While the information is old, the reality of trends in 2007 is now a historical footnote for 2010. As we see adoption take root with several technologies moving through 2012/13, some of these videos will find themselves into world economics and business fundamentals training. Read more