Social Media Infographics – The Growth of Social

Having been in the social media business long before there was a ‘social media business’ – I’m always intrigued to see the massive growth that new communication technologies have.

The most ‘skeptical’ part of my brain always thinks of the thousands of useful tools and services that were left to die: never properly understood or simply failing to have a revenue model could be sustained.

Of all of those services, a few like Facebook and Twitter have thrived.
Services like Flickr and YouTube are alive and strong.

What will the future hold? Read more

Social Media Infographics – Social TV

The consumption of ‘social tv’ around live events is a very interesting scenario in my daily life
(especially when I’m strategizing corporate and live events through our team.)

Trendrr tracked millions of social media interactions regarding the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards to produce a straight-forward snapshot of basic user data you can discover around live events.

This infographic helps identify social segments of a ‘one time event’ surrounding the award show.

When ‘all was said and done’ – businesses (music groups, record labels, corporate sponsors, etc) who are trying to engage these online audiences need to have a fast acting communication strategy that can be activated at exactly the right time.

An interesting component of the graphic below is that mobile usage was at 48%  for this audience demographic.
This type of data is showing us that mobile adoption has taken some niches by storm, and that other industry niches aren’t too far behind. Read more