Social Media for Sales (why social intelligence rocks.)

Congratulations, you’ve just found an easy way to find people who can make a difference to your bottom line.

I’m going to give you some incredibly useful tips for using Google and Linkedin to discover rich details about the exact type of person you want to reach out to.

Just keep in mind that you never know what type of information really exists about an individual, community, or business until you do some research.

(This is an example covering some tidbits about Boeing Employee Credit Union.) Read more

B2B Social Media, 13 Steps to Create Your Pipeline

When people think about online conversation, the topic of B2B social media seems to be a hot trend.

Just like the B2C marketplace, sales professionals in the B2B space are always asking “how do I sell with it?” and often coming to the conclusion that good business simply isn’t attainable using social media.

Just for the record, I think that the statement “Social Media isn’t for B2B” is simply ignorant.

Social media is simply a buzz phrase.

So let us take the buzz out of B2B Social Media.

What we are really talking about is a prolific amount of information about people you want to do business with, along with an enormous wave of people self identifying themselves as having a need you can fill.

This is the ultimate sales perk- knowing more about your target market and what they need. You simply have to identify them, establish your value, and ask for the sale.

With that said, a majority of B2B sales professionals simply don’t know how to build a proper online lead generation pipeline and establish the points it connects with real world business processes.

To help with this I have written down these 13 steps to creating a sales pipeline. Read more