Online reputation specialist? expert? consultant?

I was flattered last year when a long time reader referred to me as not only an online expert, but as one of the grandfathers of online reputation. For me online reputation is far beyond simple search engine tricks and knowing what social media communities you need to be involved with: it is about knowing how an individual professional and corporate brand exists both online AND in relation your strategic future. I originally began working with the concept of online reputation while I was working at TMP worldwide and promoting the flagship recruiting product (that was a long time ago!)

There are a lot of vultures hopping onto the term looking for is easy money to be made, but the reality of online reputation is that it is one of the hardest professions to excel in. It is also one of the most damaging professions to error within (a mistake in online reputation is often like a mistake in brain surgery.) Even in the last month, I saw several large venture capital investments in groups that have questionable service platforms. The industry evolves daily, has major technical overlap, and connects into dozens of business fundamentals. Read more