Social Media Infographic – Social Business Breakdown

While I appreciate the metrics being detailed in this social media infographic about social business, I am still troubled by the fact that marketing and public relations teams are claiming ownership of social business elements due to the  cross-over of social media and communication campaigns.

I’d like this chart a lot more if there was one basic change to this phrase:

In a fully collaborative social organization, there is a Social Media Center of Excellence (COE) that reports into corporate marketing.

I believe it should say:

In a fully collaborative social organization, there is a Digital Innovation Center of Excellence (COE) that reports into executive leadership.

The reality is that social media is not social business. Social media is included in a number of business areas within a social business model, but the ring leader of 15+ departments has never been marketing (or IT, Legal, HR, etc) and the process points of social business should be addressed at the top most level of the organization.

One of the largest shifts to ‘social media’ over the next few years will be the adoption and integration of social trends and technologies across the entire business structure. We will see more and more elements of mobile, cloud, human resources, talent acquisition, and knowledge transfer take a ‘fair share’ of the social buzz away from marketing.

To give any one sub-group control of the social business strategy is a sure fire way to eliminate ROI and business benefits in other operational silos.



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