Social Media Infographics – Tablet Adoption at Work

There are so many reasons to enjoy a good social media infographic.

This one from VentureBeat includes an interesting collection of data regarding tablet usage at work.

When thinking about social media, it is very important to consider the types of technology that are used to access it. Tablets are a quickly growing segment of the consumer channel for social media (even when at work.)

Take a look below and give a minute to think about how you use tablets in your workplace (and if you don’t use them, should you?)

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Social Media Speaker, 4 Tools for presenting

In support of friends, peers, and professionals that I know coordinating Social Media Speaker and Social Media Club Seattle, I wanted to share some of the tools and tips in my bag of tricks for not only delivering presentations with a little technical flavor, but also getting people to attend!

Before getting too “geeky” for everyone, keep in mind that presentations are meant to be educational, informative, entertaining, and insightful. Being a good social media speaker also requires a little bit of audience engagement, a few points of character, and a little bit of influencer analysis.

Don’t get bogged down by losing your audience
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Employee Social Media, three hurdles to overcome

You want to take advantage of all the new forms of employee social media. You want your staff to be motivated to create results that work for you.
But first you have to overcome a few internal challenges… the main problems of employee social media are not centered around the platforms or the technology, but the motivation and education of the employee base.

Employee Social Media ITEM #1

Your communications policy.
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