Facebook – Big Data – Our Privacy

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the 2012 Privacy Identity and Innovation conference (PII 2012)  in Seattle.

My on-going observation of privacy and identity actually revolves around the connection point of big data and how corporate entities are trying to monetize it.

We need to realize the concepts behind how businesses use our personal data affects the very way we make choices as individuals.

Google doesn’t just connect us with content.
It affects our perception of content

Facebook doesn’t just connect us with friends.
It affects our perception of friends.

Big Data isn’t just about our purchase decisions or where we are, it has to do with every data point that we can create or interact with. It could be anything from the time of day we decide to e-mail our loved ones or the list of people we share with online. Big data also interacts with the information we don’t always think about or fully comprehend: our location, our mood, our activity, our habits. Read more