Entrepreneur Tips from Humpty Dumpty

There are very few things that make me sad, but one is watching the perpetual tailspin of an entrepreneurial group or individual.

If you are part of an entrepreneurial endeavor, you probably owe it to yourself to read this.
There are some important entrepreneur tips to absorb.

When I left the typical corporate grind working for a Fortune 50, one of my goals was to help others succeed, to push further, go farther, and find something bigger for themselves.

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Social Media Infographics – Mobile Media in the U.K.

Browsing through social media infographics is an easy way to absorb a lot of data in a little bit of time.

By arming yourself with some of the right strategic questions about each set of data you can help yourself draw where different market opportunities are for your organization as well as avoid some potential pitfalls.

In the social media infographic below about mobile media adoption in the U.K. we have some insight to how our oversea counterparts consume data. These trends become more meaningful when we examine what differences there are in our demographics and our industry niches.

We also have to keep in mind that we don’t want to think about a certian element in an isolated silo. We need to consider things like our own local mobile trends, how tablets are being adopted at work, and how our workforce uses mobile.

By using a holistic knowledge of the ‘big picture’ the tactical highlights become easier to take advantage of.

What insights do you find when you look at this data?

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Social Media for Sales (why social intelligence rocks.)

Congratulations, you’ve just found an easy way to find people who can make a difference to your bottom line.

I’m going to give you some incredibly useful tips for using Google and Linkedin to discover rich details about the exact type of person you want to reach out to.

Just keep in mind that you never know what type of information really exists about an individual, community, or business until you do some research.

(This is an example covering some tidbits about Boeing Employee Credit Union.) Read more