Corporate Reputation on Complaint Sites

In February 2002 wrote an interesting piece about “The Best Corporate Complaint Sites.”

The author wasn’t talking about the customer care site ran by the company, but sites that were launched by aggravated consumers who wanted to be heard. The best complaint sites included a list of top brands that had aggravated so severely that they took the web into their own hands.

The Forbes opening line sums it up:

Hell hath no fury like a paying customer scorned. Whether because of a declining level in customer service or the ease of publishing on the Internet, hundreds–if not thousands–of dissatisfied customers have taken their complaints public, giving birth to a new form: The Corporate Complaint Web site. Read more

Online Reputation, the digital identity

For many readers, it is new frame of mind to realize how the digital and real world are colliding. In my case, I’ve been thinking about this for over a decade.

It was originally a serious set of questions when I was working with TMP Worldwide (and through them

When came into existence, it really marked an era when the web became tied to our professional lives. The change didn’t happen overnight. It tooks years and years for recruiters and corporate giants to adopt new ideas, slowly and steadily trying to integrate changing fundamentals of online communication.  Read more