Social Media Partner Strategy

After presenting this topic at Disney Interactive, I wanted to share some insight to maximizing your efforts with social media and the business partners you work with.

One of the most neglected areas of digital development is partner outreach and support. In many cases your company has undergone extensive conversations with key businesses supporting your organization.

The unfortunate mistake is that no one knew how to detail online partner opportunities and this results in simple inaction (i.e. a wasted asset.) Read more

Post Trade Show Checklist 401

After attending some amazing events this season and watching some truly exceptional minds bring a lot to the table, I wanted to share some of my own professional insights to help these talented individuals reach the next level.

One of the benefits of coming out of a Fortune 50 corporate background is the massive number of high-end trade shows and conferences I had the chance to attend, present, and exhibit at. I am privileged to have watched some truly talented sales/marketing teams plan, produce, and execute comprehensive event plans. We have to keep in mind that the fundamental basis for attending an event is to display your best… and have everyone on your team needs to be “game on.”

You have one chance to make a first impression,
and a lifetime of follow-up to make it real.

It is up to you to make an impact,
remind them who you are, and make the sale.

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