No Broken Bones with Competitive Intelligence

When the web emerged decades ago, few of us would have realized the sheer volume of information that we would digitally create, share, cultivate, and engage with.

I’m going to tell you how five basic problems demand the need for acting smarter and give some pointers for fixing these basic problems by wrapping them into the way you think about competitive intelligence.


I’m going to do it with a sports metaphor Read more

Employee Social Media, three hurdles to overcome

You want to take advantage of all the new forms of employee social media. You want your staff to be motivated to create results that work for you.
But first you have to overcome a few internal challenges… the main problems of employee social media are not centered around the platforms or the technology, but the motivation and education of the employee base.

Employee Social Media ITEM #1

Your communications policy.
To be clear, this is not the policy your company has had for the past five years. Read more

Background Checks Part II – discrimination, privacy, accuracy and compliance

As a professional, many of us are troubled by the notion that we may be judged by our actions, our history, our lifestyle, or the people we associate with.

In some cases we go through great lengths to create separation between our personal or public lives, even creating multiple silos within our personal and professional lives to create harmony and goodwill in our conversation.

Using myself as a personal example: I am the person who can have almost any conversation on almost any topic. I have a thick skin that is supported by a multi-faceted personality with humor, morality, and respect at its core. I have had the benefit of dealing with life and death crisis situations, personal tragedy, and industry changing business problems. With that said, I can talk to almost anyone on any subject.I know when to admit to things I do not know, and when to ask the hard questions.

The social media world creates a strange track history of my interactions with these conversations. I have a personal poetry site that doesn’t have a thing to do with my business life, and like every other person: my friends have a myriad of personal beliefs ranging from extreme religion to activism.

With such a varied personal and professional background, the web audience at large could dig into any particular silo and eventually find something they do not agree with… but they can also see a breadth of experience. Read more

Event: Bigfoot Northwest Social Networking Conference, June 4th

If you are in the south Puget Sound and want to learn about social networking, digital media, search advertising and more… come join me at the Bigfoot Northwest Social Networking Conference where I will be presenting tactics for identifying your “digital audience” and converting them into business goals. There will be a great collection of 13 different speakers and topics, with a full lunch and lots of networking!

Click here for more info.

A little bit about my speaking topic:

Identifying the unseen, how to identify your Bigfoot from digital tracks
In real life, forensic evidence draws a picture of things we can’t see. In the digital world, analytics and personal user data draws a picture about everyone on the web. This digital footprint tells us who is interested in your service and gives you the ability to learn more about potential clients, grow existing clients more effectively, and maximize online audiences using search sites like Google and Yahoo, to online review sites such as Yelp and Citysearch.