B2B Social Media, 13 Steps to Create Your Pipeline

When people think about online conversation, the topic of B2B social media seems to be a hot trend.

Just like the B2C marketplace, sales professionals in the B2B space are always asking “how do I sell with it?” and often coming to the conclusion that good business simply isn’t attainable using social media.

Just for the record, I think that the statement “Social Media isn’t for B2B” is simply ignorant.

Social media is simply a buzz phrase.

So let us take the buzz out of B2B Social Media.

What we are really talking about is a prolific amount of information about people you want to do business with, along with an enormous wave of people self identifying themselves as having a need you can fill.

This is the ultimate sales perk- knowing more about your target market and what they need. You simply have to identify them, establish your value, and ask for the sale.

With that said, a majority of B2B sales professionals simply don’t know how to build a proper online lead generation pipeline and establish the points it connects with real world business processes.

To help with this I have written down these 13 steps to creating a sales pipeline. Read more