We Have
Kung-Fu Answers Data Insights Market Trends

We are a digital first,
innovation always team

We excel at addressing complex market issues in innovation, digital transformation, model development, and market trends for industry leaders.

Our team is led by subject matter experts working hand-in-hand with cutting-edge, proprietary competitive intelligence solutions to maximize results on both sides of the benefits/risks equation.

Typical Client Roles that we service

  • Product & Market
  • Research Leaders
  • Business Executives creating market change
  • Family Offices and Majority Stakeholders
  • Law Firms and Legal Counsel
  • Intellectual Property Professionals
  • Political Groups and Campaign Leaders
  • Law Enforcement & Criminal
  • Investigators
  • Kinetic Security
  • Firms & Protection Details
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Market Development Funds
  • Merger & Acquisition Professionals

We love finding data.

We enable partners

Our strategic consulting and market research team helps clients by

  • Highlighting important business data
  • Designing revenue driving processes
  • Growing customer lifetime value
  • Increasing market leadership
  • Defending against loss of data
  • Protecting intellectual property
    Improving (and saving) and human life.

Mission Possible

We filter the immense noise of the world wide web to produce core data-driven insights.

  • Expert consultative insight
  • Human sourced intelligence
  • Open source public data
  • Search aggregated metrics
  • Dark and deep web datasets
  • 3rd party data vendors
  • First person interviews

Security First, Spy vs. Spy

In the world of white and black hat cyber intelligence professionals we strive to establish morally grounded and ethical uses of technology while adhering to city, state, federal and global legal regulations.

We understand the motivations behind nation state and criminal actors, as well as the corporate side of big business that often eclipses the little guy.

Unique Market Capabilities
If you want to do something like everyone else, we are not the right partner for you.

We believe in using unique competitive advantages that are magnified by basic market conditions in basic human nature, talent acquisition, digital behaviors, and technology adoption across behavioral, psychographic, demographic, and ethnographic patterns.



Data + Insight = Decisive Action
Persistent Innovation is embedded into the core what we do.

  • Market Conditions
  • Competitive Priorities
  • Opportunities & Gaps
  • Location Based Situations
  • Organizational Based Solutions
  • Emerging Threats