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We source MILLIONS of unique leads through
our active-logic lead framework.

Revenue Targets

Using internal and market signals our team identifies areas of significant opportunity and risk.

Vendor Analysis

Our connective data set allows us to pivot into new categories and establish benchmarking for service providers.

Talent Acquisition

Our team has executive and workforce experience dealing with a variety of full-time, consulting and fractional needs.

Industry Influencers

We review market trends and emerging conversations to detail who is important to your project goals.

Innovation Leaders

We maintain an extensive list of subject matter experts across dozens of industries to enable customized solutions.

Market Benchmarks

Our proprietary data and relationships allow us to analyze strategic and tactical markets across thousands of data points.

Lead Network Analysis empowers sales and marketing teams with laser targeting of interested, segmented and educated prospects.

Our process accelerates sales timelines, locating individuals who are with engaged interest patterns around competitors, products, people, events, and more.

Utilizing industry leading scoring methodologies we can identify buyers responsible for purchasing billions of dollars worth of products and services.

Locate by Categories

We provide comprehensive lists by individual job titles, company names, cities, states, country, zip code, number of employees, revenue, sic code, keywords.

Typical lead data is provided in .csv format orĀ  via web-enabled visualization and lead analysis platform.

Profile by Social Segment

Our fluid identification and classification platform is based on real-time data being processed through multiple ranking priorities to reduce massive generalized lists down to the purest form.

Segmenting awareness, education, consideration, and conversion layers allows strategic messaging to be applied at a tactical level.

Where do the leads come from?

Our database is cloud enabled to the tune of several billion records of significance, sorted by semantic technologies built upon a foundation of first person and proprietary partner databases.

This allows us to identify, sift, aggregate, normalize, qualify, and segment lists against a variety of behavioral, psychographic, demographic, and ethnographic patterns.


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