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The Best Data Insights
Imagine the world of growers, processors, and dispensaries as a state on the map. Within just one state you would have over 15,000 primary entities.

Then take dozens of other ancillary industries and plot out the other 49 states. Those 49 other states might be hydroponics or grow lighting, point of sale systems or inventory tracking, or perhaps support services such as accounting and legal firms. Between those industry businesses are the data lakes and information rivers supporting the ecosystem, with planes, trains, and automobiles trying to carry product A to revenue point B. has been processing these by  locating, tagging, and researching thousands upon thousands of these information pipelines.

More are being discovered every day.

Real Data
We don’t just talk to a few vendors or even believe what they have is valid. We engage with hundreds of data providers to establish multiple points of data used by analysts in other industries using mature, battle tested business models.

Multi-Industry (Full Stack Data)
The cannabis industry is maturing year after year. It is evolving into multiple regulated markets and phasing out first time entrepreneurs with interest from multiple ‘big business’ industries that have a lot to lose (and gain.)

Big Data + Vacuum
Tens of thousands of cannabis related businesses are dealing with millions and millions of customers. We utilize all sorts of relationships and technologies to discover new sources of data (and then hoover it up like we’re cleaning sand off the beach.)

How we do what we do
The problem being that each of these businesses are as unique as you are. Some companies may touch the product or simply create the packaging for it, but every company has multiple categories that it interacts with as either a primary focus or a secondary by-product. Through automated market research, semantic based machine learning, and proprietary partner data we can enable our industry analysts with information that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Why we do what we do
The process of planting a seed and selling a product to a lifetime customer involves hundreds of companies, from the contractors who installed the HVAC to the print shop that made the label. We enable business owners and investors to scale specific parts of the business knowing that every percentage point creates a lever to future profits through-out the journey of one little seed.



We are a digital first,
innovation always team

We excel at addressing complex market issues in innovation, digital transformation, model development, and market trends for industry leaders.

Our team is led by subject matter experts working hand-in-hand with cutting-edge, proprietary competitive intelligence solutions to maximize results on both sides of the benefits/risks equation.

Typical Client Roles that we service

  • B2B Cannabis Companies
  • Secondary Market Partners
  • Multi-location Retail Cannabis Owners
  • State level Grow Operators
  • Professional Services for Cannabis
  • Cannabis Investors 
  • Product Development Teams
  • Venture backed startups
  • Political Groups and Campaign Leaders
  • Venture firms & M&A Professionals

Unique Market Capabilities

We use proprietary competitive intelligence to make decisions using big data for our partners. Our team has a multi-faceted background covering digital innovation, disruptive thinking, venture capital, and market capture.

We find market levers working on basic pivot points in user adoption, talent acquisition, technology development, and strategic partnerships to create behavioral, psychographic, demographic, and ethnographic advantages to target revenue potentials.



Data + Insight = Decisive Action
Persistent Innovation is embedded into the core what we do.

  • Market Conditions
  • Competitive Priorities
  • Opportunities & Gaps
  • Location Based Situations
  • Organizational Based Solutions
  • Emerging Threats