Perceptual Search: Google Glass + Augmented Reality + SEO

If we take a moment and consider where the future is taking us, Google Glass isn’t the first step into the next phase.

It is simply another step in a long series of changes since the phone book and the cell phone.

Google Glass and all sorts of wearable devices will continue to evolve our way of life into a different type of augmented reality: the one where casual perceptual search defines how we interact with our world.

What is perceptual search?

Perceptual Search is the behavior of your eye and mind wandering through your environment and personal expectations.

When you are hungry and open an unmarked cookie jar you are experiencing perceptual search: the jar symbolizes food (and so you open it.)

It is the layer of information that exists behind an object, place, person, or even an idea.

The changing factor brought forth by “Wearable Technology” is whether or not we casually and effortlessly perceive information.

Key technology factors that will impact perceptual search:

Cell Signal: our phones have become a personal hub of information in more ways than



Social Connectivity

Location Metadata

Action Metadata

Search Behavior

What devices are going to affect this megatrend?

Wearable Displays: Google Glass & Recon Instruments

Wearable displays are not new.

They just keep getting smaller and sexier.
My original Eyetop Video Glasss were from 2003! 

Haptic Interaction: your Mobile Phones & Novint Gaming

Augmented Interaction: Oculus RiftTrackIR 5

Touchless Interaction: Leap Motion or Kinect

MYO Telekinetic Armband

OMsignal – BioSensing Clothing

Misfit Bio Sensor

What could you do

Here’s a neat product for people who like to nettle and bore friends and strangers to the edge of death with news of their ailments, injuries, stress levels, and overall health. You want to converse about your state of being? Well how about conversing about it with–and enjoying nonstop engagement and feedback from–yourself? OMsignal bio-sensing apparel, undershirts for men and women that can be worn all day, every day, pair with smartphones to continuously detect and provide readouts on their wearers’ biometrics and emotive states.

Founded in Montreal, Canada by Stephane Marceau and Frederic Chanay, OMsignal clothing is still in development and trial phases, with the ultimate goal of increasing the physiological awareness, fitness, and even happiness of those who wear it. Via sensors embedded in soft, moisture-wicking tops, OMsignal can monitor heart rate, breathing, and activity, while its companion app displays corresponding data in real-time. Specifically, OMsignal will:

  • Measure the speed of your bulbous, blood-pumping muscle using sensors placed directly against the skin. According to its designers, “OMsignal is the most accurate measure of your heart beats per minute (bpm).” Second, of course, is sticking your finger up your nose and doing a 6-second count, starting with number 0. OMsignal also tracks Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and renders this data to determine your stress level on a scale of 0 to 100.
  • Measure your breathing. Additional embedded shirt sensors detect respiratory rates and breathing balance using your respiration rhythms.
  • Track your activity in terms of daily steps with a built-in accelerometer. Hopefully it will also send belittling text messages to fatties whose numbers drop below 10,000 per day.
  • Estimate caloric burn (based on heart rate), both throughout the day and over extended periods of time.
  • Apprise you of your feelings. Oh, this is where it gets really good for the self-absorbed self-actualizers. OMsignal will assess your HRV to establish your “emotive state”. For example, if HRV is high, you will be deemed chill; if it’s low, I’m afraid you’re buggin’ out. Like, someone must have put their empty sodie can in the regular trash and not the recycle bin, or your waiter forgot to tell you the steak salad you ordered has meat in it. Fucking asshole.
  • Pinpoint moments in your day. At your request, OMsignal will send you notifications when you hit a relaxed moment, a moment of high stress, or one of intense activity. Notifications will include detailed information on the location and time the event took place.

Although it may sound to the contrary, I’m not knocking OMsignal at all. We as people like technology and we like analytics and we like ourselves. More than anyone else does, anyway. Why shouldn’t we have access to perpetual personal biometrics? OMsignal apparel, once it debuts to the public, should be well-received. And if that’s the case, I will say deservedly so.

It stands to reason that technology will never stop evolving, always seeking innovations that make our lives more convenient. When personal computers were first launched, people thought that these were just limited to processing words and computing numbers. Soon after the internet was made available to public, and the rest is history. Those who are familiar with the use of different search engines on the web to find more information about specific topics, news, press releases, products, services, people and places, would also know that the concept of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is not far behind.

Through this, Internet users would be able to find the items that they wish to purchase, get the data that they need for a research and even promote, advertise or sell new products and services, easier and faster.

The ever changing methods of searching for something online has given birth to the latest project that Google has been working on. Presenting Google Glass.  This is a head-mounted computer that doubles as eyewear and serves as your actual source of information that comes from the World Wide Web. Through this smart eyewear, people can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and talk your way to discovery. The glasses feature LED screens, similar to those you find installed in your smartphones.

A Complete SEO Game Changer

Using this new gadget could make searching easier and will completely change the face of Search Engine Optimization – users will discover a new side of SEO they never imagined. Not only will this improve your search engine experience, it will also transform the concept into something bigger and better:

    • Localize Your Search – have you ever searched for products and services and the results are either too far from what you are looking for, or are literally located on another side of the world? Google Glass sets out to address this issue by making your searches more localized. The idea is to better find establishments, business offices, and sellers near your current location if need be.Not only that, you will also get exact directions for better travel. Say that you are in a new place and you seem lost, using your computer eyewear, you will be given actual and real-time instructions on where you should go to get to the place you intend to visit.

  • Lead to Better Approaches to SEO Queries – the thing about using the traditional search function on a computer is that people have a tendency to key in fragmented phrases that either produces general and sometimes irrelevant search results. What these smart eyeglasses aim to do is to provide a more efficient way to conduct your searches. Searches won’t be limited to several keywords at a time, because the gadget will respond to queries in complete and well constructed sentences – just like when you ask someone for directions. This will now encourage SEO experts to produce better leads and search results. Aresbet
  • More Social Media Presence – users wearing smart eyewear can definitely increase their social media presence, since they can upload photos and videos, and manage their social media accounts with a few verbal commands. Imagine seeing a wonderful scene that you would like to share to the rest of your friends, you can instantly capture moments without having to pull out your digital camera, tablets or smartphones. This makes staying on top of what is happening in the world of online marketing and social media marketing a far easier task, providing even more fodder for optimizing searches based on consumer behavior.
  • New SEO initiatives and potentials for businesses – with the release of smart eyeglasses like those from Google, businesses can take advantage of the increase in the number of internet users. They can increase the number of links that lead to their social media sites, business home pages, blogs and online stores.

The SEO industry will never be the same once the Google Glass reaches its peak in terms of popularity and usage. The task that search engine optimization experts have is to make sure that it finds the best ways to take advantage of the different benefits that computer eyewear can provide.