Marketing Automation

Live webinar: Single or Multiple Solutions, Which is the Key to Your Marketing Future?

It’s a question that inevitably arises when looking for enterprise marketing technology: do I choose a single, seamless platform, or go with the best solutions for each channel, attempting to merge them together?

Tim Walters, principal analyst and partner at Digital Clarity Group, will provide a framework for this decision making process, examining which marketing solution aspects to compromise on and which you should prioritize. casino siteleri

Major takeaways:

  • How to frame this debate through specific user requirements and contexts. Considering not which is “best-of-breed” but rather “best-for-me.”
  • Which aspects of a marketing solution are most important for your organization: a large selection of features, integrated solutions with a common UI, integration with existing solutions, and/or more.
  • Tips for keeping people, not technology, at the center of your decision criteria. Looking not only at software, but also at the overall customer experience management processes.
  • Avanade will examine case studies of organizations with thriving digital marketing programs, in part due to their successful digital marketing platform implementations.

We also want to answer your questions during this webinar.  We encourage you to submit questions on the next webpage, after you have registered for this webinar.