PII 2012 – Brand Reputation: The Role of Privacy in Communication

I’m looking forward to moderating a panel at the Privacy Innovation Identity
conference( PII 2012 ) next week.

Join our panel on Tuesday the 15th to hear a great conversation and engage the experts.

Brand Reputation: The Role of Privacy in Communications

•    Moderator: Barry Hurd (Linkedin), Managing Director, Epiphany Metrics @BarryHurd
•    Mary Ludloff (Linkedin), VP, Marketing, PatternBuilders @mludloff
•    Leigh Nakanishi (Linkedin), Privacy and Security Strategist, Edelman @LeighNakanishi
•    Mike Whitmore (Linkedin), President, Fresh Consulting @MikeWhitmore

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Some of My Thoughts

This is a subject I’ve been involved in over the past decade. The evolution of the web has merged our concepts of having a digital identity and what other people perceive about us.

When two people meet for the first time, the chances of a person-to-person or a consumer-to-business interaction has already been affected by our perceptions of personal and professional brand.

As a society that is engulfed by smartphone technology, social media reviews, online visitor analytics, and big data “privacy” trading…. most of us really don’t know what other people know ((or think they know) about us.

In a recent Edelman research whitepaper titled ‘Privacy & Security: The New Drivers of Brand, Reputation and Action” it reveals 70% of people are more concerned about privacy than they were five years ago and 68% feel they have lost control over how their information is shared and used by businesses.

How does privacy affect my business?

One of our core services at Epiphany Metrics is  a detailed online competitive intelligence and influencer analysis.

We study the digital information that people share and use it to make better informed decisions, predict trends, safe guard assets, and identify evolving areas of risk/opportunity.

People from all walks of life love to share little pieces of information through search engine habits, tracking cookies, mobile phone usage, social media conversation, online profiles, real world purchases and more.

When you take these pieces of data and assemble them from groups of competitors, departmental teams, or consumer audiences you can begin to identify secrets that no one shared as an individual.

How does it affect my life?

I could be paranoid about it… or I could simply be educated about my choices.
(or perhaps a paranoid education?)

  • Every time I take a photo or pick up my phone and make a call on my smartphone I know that I’m creating digital tracks.
  • My phone has a GPS chip that records my movement. The cell tower records if my phone is within range.
  • My social ‘check-ins’ tell people where I’ve been and what I like.

We’ll ask some tactical questions and some big ones too.

  • How do corporations use this data?
  • How does government impact it?
  • As a consumer with friends and family, how do I keep my loved ones safe?
  • Where do consumers and employees fall into the mix?

See you at PII 2012!

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