Google Bombing, thousands suffer in silence



a term that search engine practitioners use to describe an aggressive campaign
against a site that is intended to reduce it’s ability to rank for key terms in
search engines and potentially have it blacklisted from Google so that it
doesn’t show up in results

 Why talk about Google Bombs?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the world of Google has a very dark side.

I’m going to dive into one of the biggest areas of denial and detail one of the fundamental problems occurring today. It has earned new popularity and similar techniques are now being applied to other forms of online marketing, social media initiatives, and even political campaigns.


I really wanted to talk about why Google Bombing occurs and why it was alive and well in the wild, even though Google has taken the stance for a long time that it is nearly impossible for a competitor to take action against a site and ‘Google Bomb’ it.

While Google can make whatever claims it wants, I am simply going to say ‘Google Bombing is alive and destructive as ever.’

In order to know about Google Bombing and realize come to your own conclusions as to why it is possible, we have to examine the ‘why’ of Google itself and the economic drivers at play.

If you would like to know specifically about Google Bombing (the actual, technical, dark stuff) you can personally engage with me. I’m not going to release the technical specifications to construct a proper Google Bomb on a public site (just like a real world bomb it is pretty dangerous in the wrong hands.)

After a short conversation about why you want the information, I may or may not give you the details.

You’ve got to convince me that you aren’t going to use it for the wrong reasons.

I’m starting a mailing list for those who would like to be notified of the book when I’m done.

I’m going to detail

  • Why Google Bombing happens at the enterprise level
  • The Economic Impact of Google Bombing
  • Who is most likely responsible for a Google Bomb
  • Who is (or isn’t) responsible for de-fusing the bomb
  • Why we don’t hear from victims (the silent crime)
  • Why most search engine professionals don’t want to talk about it

If you would like to converse on this topic or provide case examples, personal experiences about being ‘bombed’ or any other insightful SEO stories I’m happy to keep our conversations confidential and keep client/examples anonymous in nature. Please use the form below to sign-up for notification about the full release and use the notes area to submit any additional confidential insight/information.