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As someone who has helped many companies figure out ‘where they are’ in relation to social media, I am constantly talking to executive teams who haven’t figured out exactly where social media begins and other business functions stop.

This always causes a problem in the hiring and expectations phase.

The following social media infographic helps shed some light on the situation regarding salaries and social media, but  it doesn’t address the factual business components of how social media builds out into a supportive team framework that ties holistically into other business silos.

Some of my observations

From the titles in the document it appears as though it is 95% focused on social media marketing roles and doesn’t consider the heavily influenced roles like customer care, human resources, and executive leadership.  It would be great to see a few additional columns defining some of the associated roles that are most heavily influenced.

It would also be useful to apply this to a larger organizational framework:

  • how many social media copywriters report to a social media manager
  • how many social media managers report to a social media director
  • how many social media roles are independent contributors without a team/dept

The third bullet point of ‘independent contributors’ is a factor that identifies worth.  I believe that a large portion of error in the social media profession is that most social media roles a designed to be independent of traditional business units and are often expected to be jacks-of-all-trades to maximize business efficiencies through-out the organization.

Copywriters, specialists, and most managers/strategists are usually nestled into a silo of operation (PR, Marketing, Community) and fail to have the business experience to influence metrics in legal, HR, investment, and customer care.

Take a look at the social media infographic and let me know if you have any insights to share:

Social Media Job Salaries

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