Social Media Infographics – Mobile Trends & Patterns

When you talk about social media, nothing is more connected to the concept than what is happening with mobile trends.

Mobile technology has enabled a good portion of the population to have immediate gratification for knowledge, social networking, and personal recreation. The following social media infographic from puts some good visual elements together.

In part 1 below, you can see how users begin to get off work from 3, 4, 5 PM and begin accessing information. As a business trying to understand this usage you can ask several key questions around this trend:

  • what are users immediately looking for after getting off work?
  • when users are working, what am I disabling/enabling as an employer?
  • where are my users during these mobile engagements?
  • how do I laser target day, time, and location to engage the right audience?

Take a look below and let me know if you have any other questions that pop out.


3 thoughts on “Social Media Infographics – Mobile Trends & Patterns”


    “Question on Figure 1: Do data-providers provide data access at a discounted rate after 8pm? Else why on an average, most people get on the social network after 5pm from desktops (before leaving work?) and not from his mobile phone(on his way back home?)?

  2. To my knowledge (which is pretty extensive on mobile…) data provider plans do not change after 8 PM.

    I would assume that most people aren’t ‘in the mood’ to be active on mobile web browsing for a few hours after work. A wide variety of professionals generally get off work, visit with friends, hit the gym, have dinner, etc, etc. It is only after a few hours of other activities that mobile usage peaks again. This is pretty typical of actual phone usage as well. (basic rule of thumb says that if you spend 8+ hours on the phone during the day professionally, then you probably want a short break from it.)

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