Social Media Policy ‘How To’ Collection

Over at 123 Social Media I’ve been sharing a good number of strategies and ideas for defining how an organization manages a social media policy that is not only effective, but motivational for the culture of your team.

If you need help with creating a social media training or policy framework, drop me a line.

I’d be happy to detail a few effective ways for using social media to get business results (not just marketing, business impact items like competitive intelligence  and influencer analysis.)

In the meantime, here are some of my ideas on
getting your social media policy tuned up.

5 Leadership Tips for a Social Media Policy

One of the biggest problems facing business leaders is that society at large has adopted the mindset of open dialogue and personal opinion. I personally believe that this has led to some great changes, but the downside is that very few people keep up to date on changes in technology, legal regulation, social trends, and  the business impacts.

Social Media Policy – 5 Essential Questions

Business executives often rely on traditional human resource and public relations tactics to manage how they manage the workforce. The problem is that these traditional tactics don’t take into account the numerous laws, regulations, and compliance issues that are found at industry, local, state, and federal levels.

Internal Social Media Issues

When examining how businesses can utilize social media, many professionals forget to examine low-hanging fruit that is already within and organization. The following tips will help you think about activating employee social media efforts so that you can monitor, manage, encourage, and grow your business.

Social Media Guidelines and Employee Evangelists

Unlike the legal tone of a normal social media policy and communication plan, social media guidelines need to be created in a way that encourages your internal supporters and immediate friends/family to grow your business.

Social Media Policy and Corporate Management

Your Social Media Policy serves as a channel for your leadership: communicating business fundamentals and actionable goals to maximize opportunities.  A good social media policy also involves educating and motivating your team to find the best possible uses for new tools and avoid potential pitfalls.

Social Media Policy Videos

The following social media policy and guideline videos provide a simple way to educate yourself (and your team) by simply watching five to thirty minutes of sample policy videos from organizations around the globe.