5 common dating lies from a digital media agency

When trying to get your business, many digital firms act like sex starved singles prowling for a one night stand.

They get dressed up, tell you everything you want to hear, and try to glorify every statement so that you make an impulsive decision.

What they don’t tell you is the truth.

1. Your company may be better off with using another firm.

What? There are other people I can date?

2. The firm wants to cash out fast and have a one-night stand.

The worse part about clients being abused is that they act like domestic violence victims.

Professionals have a hard time admitting to anyone (especially the boss) – that they made the wrong decision and wasted 50k or more.

3. What they say they can do is a dream; an illicit fantasy every marketer hopes for.

Part of marketing is about building a dream and reaching further than anyone else.

Unethical sales reps know how to dangle a carrot and do the traditional ‘bait and switch’

4. You don’t have enough money.

In the starvation economy many firms will take any project at almost any dollar level.

They fail to tell you that certain types of projects could run $25k to $1M or more to reach critical mass and actually reach a result.

When you finally break up with them it is because you are broke and they only wanted your money.

5. They lie on Match.com

The people, the background, the social network…. lies, lies, lies.
Even the photo of the office front has been photoshopped.

The sixth lie is pretty ugly

Getting in a relationship with a digital media agency is like dating someone in another country and wandering into the seedy part of town.

Many firms know that you don’t know the language, who actually does what, or even what you should eat. You don’t know the right questions to ask, and even if you did you wouldn’t have the local network to double-check and confirm you aren’t being taken advantaged of.

In many cases prospective clients are looking for someone to date in all the wrong places and are only being pursued by unethical, immoral, and sometimes criminal ‘professionals’

To add a layer of deceit, such firms often work in groups and hand-off clients until the money runs dry.

Ultimately this is a victim oriented and predatory market

If digital firms were like beautiful people, you’d have to accept the fact that all the truly amazing people are hidden away in country side farm houses.

They have made the realization that industry corruption is at an all time high with award ceremonies rigged by sponsors with big marketing budgets typically represent the last person who should have been spotlighted on stage.

My advice

Build a real relationship.

As an owner, decision maker, or team leader – take the time to understand who you are dealing with at the negotiation table and on a personal level.

Real professionals have ethics and morals that are apparent in how they treat people they know (regardless of whether the people they know have money.)

1 thought on “5 common dating lies from a digital media agency”

  1. You know, I have to admit… this is WAAAAYYYYY too true. Having worked with some of the largest, most “respectable” online agencies out there, I know the game.

    Agencies are good marketers. They are not always good at actual doing digital/social media work.

    Way too many do 1 of 2 things –

    1. pretend to know what they are doing (which can actually do damage / be counterproductive to what the client needs) or
    2. hire the work out, and then just mark it up.

    Fun post.


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