Social Media Speaker, 4 Tools for presenting

In support of friends, peers, and professionals that I know coordinating Social Media Speaker and Social Media Club Seattle, I wanted to share some of the tools and tips in my bag of tricks for not only delivering presentations with a little technical flavor, but also getting people to attend!

Before getting too “geeky” for everyone, keep in mind that presentations are meant to be educational, informative, entertaining, and insightful. Being a good social media speaker also requires a little bit of audience engagement, a few points of character, and a little bit of influencer analysis.

Don’t get bogged down by losing your audience
with too many flashy tools (like the ones below!)

Closr.IT – provides an image service that allows interesting visuals on-screen. It basically allows you to have an insanely high resolution image that you can zoom in/out and pan around on. In past presentations I’ve used it to allow attendees to use my wireless mouse as a “exploration playground” of the topic.

Slideshare – is a great tool for archiving and sharing your presentation deck. You can save your audiences *a lot* of attention problems if you disclose slides will be available online. Slideshare also has variety of features: the ability to embed presentations means that event organizers can help promote/share your information, while lead capture forms built into Slideshare can help you connect with visitors who like your material.

Animoto – provides a simple way to share photos and videos of the topic and the event. It is a great way to take your snapshots of an event and distribute them as an event “thank you”, while it can also be used to provide a new way of sharing your slide content. (A quick sample with Flight of the Bumblebees below)

Prezi – is a presentation tool that takes you away from presenting “slides” and provides your content with a visual edge. In order to maximize your information, you really have to think ‘out of the box’ when drafting your presentation. (Sample from Paolo Tasolini )