Social Media or Site Design? Questions to rethink your model.

As part of our on-going work developing leading online business models, several business partners wanted basic site re-design thinking that this would “fix their internet woe”

It doesn’t take too much consideration to realize that most executive teams want several things from the web:

  • Increased traffic
  • More relevant traffic
  • Better exposure on the web
  • More sales

While all of four of these elements are fairly basic, there are dozens of questions that define each one of them.

Increased traffic

  • Who do you want exposure to?
  • Where do they use the web?
  • How do they use the web?

More Relevant Traffic

  • What type of role do they embody?
  • What communities attract these roles?
  • What types of roles do competitors attract?

Better Exposure on the Web

  • What constitutes better?
  • How will better be tracked, analyzed, improved?
  • Is better a definition from us or are customers?

More Sales

  • What roles drive sales?
  • What roles need different conversion funnels?
  • What roles represent higher lifetime value?
  • What roles represent lower cost per acquisition?

Redesign Won’t Cure You

If you think your web site is the center of your universe, you are on the right track.

If you think your web site is your entire web presence, one word clarifies my thought:


The reality of the social media web is that everyone has multiple points of contact.

I’m not talking about businesses, I’m talking about every single person.

A majority of people are now on multiple social networks, have a variety of personal profiles, and use all sorts of online services.

This means that any business has a presence multiplier proportionate to the size of the employee network.

If we assume a flat 20% adoption rate in social media (some groups are higher, some lower) with a 250 person company

  • 1 pt – Corporate Web Site
  • 1 pt – Corporate Facebook Page
  • 1 pt – Corporate Twitter Page
  • 1 pt – Corporate Linkedin Page
  • 50 pts – Employee Facebook Profiles
  • 50 pts – Employee Twitter Profiles
  • 50 pts – Employee Linkedin Profiles
  • 25 pts – Corporate Business Partners
  • 25 pts – Happy Consumers / Clients

Sub-Total: 204 points.

If we think about the breakdown of where your traffic is coming from, lets think about it. 4 points of contact versus 200?

If all 204 points of contact are coordinated with a valid SEO strategy = we earn another 204 points of search engine contact.
(read SEO site structure and HUB methodology)

In conclusion,

If you read the beginning list of questions and thought that they were relevant to your corporate web site, what types of questions and priorities should you be allocating to your off-site social media and brand management?
(Remember we are looking at a ratio of 40 to 1)