Social Media Speaker, public alpha

In addition to working with some really great client projects, anyone in my social circle knows that I’m an entrepreneurial junkie.

I see problems from different perspectives and most of those problems have some pretty basic impacts to my own life.

Over the past few years, one of my professional problems was being a social media speaker and digital strategist. I’ve had the great opportunity to present to all types of conferences and corporate groups, and I’ve helped bring dozens of different speakers to my own organizations like Social Media Club Seattle and the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA for short)

Almost all of those opportunities had some basic process problems.

The most painful problems wer hearing that coordinators and audiences

Didn’t have a scale to measure with and didn’t know how to qualify an expert

  • They had no way to find local, expert speakers
  • They had no way to learn more about related speakers

So I came up with

Right now it is in a 2nd generation beta format, with relatively few public facing speakers.

I have the option of activating several hundred speaker profiles on the site, but wanted to wait and see what type of feedback I could get for feature requests.

Right now, you can do several basic things:

Browse a map

social-media-speakerSocial Media Speaker has built in map functionality to find a local social media speaker. There are a lot of different functionality items that can be added here, ranging from the ability to find speakers with X miles or sort the map by a given specialty.

Are there things you would like to see on the map?

Search by Specialty /Topic

social-media-speaker-topicswhat is the best ways to find relevant experts? Finding keynote speakers is and entirely different task from finding panelist on a tactical topic.

Should speaker fees be collected and sortable?

Join the Community on Facebook


We’ll be activating some Facebook only features later this month, which means you can only have access to them if you are on our Facebook fan page. This will include some perks for local speakers looking for speaking engagements, as well as functionality to see additional data on the site. You can find our Facebook page here.

Submit a Speaker

There are A LOT of speakers who talk about related social media elements. Right now I am leaving the submit process fairly open. To help get information to direct the purpose of the site, I am asking for a good amount of profile data from speakers who want to be listed. This will give us options for developing out some nifty cool features in the future. You can submit info here.

There are other features “lurking in the woods” and you’ll see some of those go live fairly soon on Social Media Speaker.

What types of features would be most useful for you?